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Frontline makes it easy to source vetted, entry level and semi-skilled hourly workers for cleanups, inspections and managing green assets. We help with the green jobs that need data. This allows us to  flag problems before they become costly or escalate into hot-button issues.

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Why going green can be a headache for cities...


63% increase in green space use

More than ever, residents are relying on green space for their recreation and mental health. Post-pandemic, the use of parks and other green space is at an all time high, leading to the need for more clean ups. 2021 Princeton University Study.

Labor shortages

The as-needed maintenance requirements for green space - like litter clean-ups and weeding - can vary wildly based on location and require human effort.

50% increase in complaints

Citizens are not getting the level of service they need for their neighborhoods.

Workforce is 50+ years old

The public sector has an aging workforce and needs new ways to attract Gen Z.

Frontline secures the building blocks for resilient communities

Workforce Resilience

By scheduling workers who are available with short lead times, Frontline powers gig teams that clean and maintain green spaces outside of normally scheduled shifts and routes. This helps full-time staff to balance schedules and get more done each day.

Climate Resilience

Green infrastructure strengthens climate resilience in communities - their ability to prepare for, recover from, and adapt to climate-related impacts such as heavy rains and high temperatures. Learn more.

Community Health

An initial step that communities take to begin the process of revitalization is to remove blight hotspots.  Municipal governments play a critical role in this process ensuring adequate resources are available to support communities. Learn more about our work to improve 311 response times.

What Customers Say

“Frontline has been incredible for our city.  We now have a better way to manage litter. Repeat clean up visits throughout the week ensure our parks remain usable for everyone.”
John R
Landscape Manager, City of Norfolk
“Our residents have been happy since we started using the roadside cleanup service. Facebook complaints are also down.”
Administrator, New Kent County
“My pick up route is now so much more manageable. You don't understand how bad some parks can get. Who knew that scheduling regular cleanups throughout the week would make such a difference.”
Steve R
Parks Clean Up Lead, City of Norfolk