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Unlock your potential through flexible energy and environmental jobs. Begin with hourly hands-on work, end with a meaningful career.

How Frontline Helps
You Stand Out.

Get green jobs ready

Do you know you might already have some of the critical skills that green jobs employers are looking for? Because work outside happens in teams, employers want you to bring great energy, be curious and be professional. If you also understand safety basics, you have enough to get started.  Want to learn more, start here.

Get paid to learn

What's your strategy for building skills and growing your career?  Do you know that there are several options that combine paid work with learning? Frontline offers paid hourly training gigs and can also connect you to year-long apprenticeships and other short term training programs.  Learn more about which option makes the most sense for your situation.

Get your first contract

If you have hands-on experience working outside already, guess what? You're in demand. Once you've set up your business you need customers. We can help you build your portfolio. Sign up now to learn more.  

Use a flexible gig to create your next opportunity.

Frontline helps untapped, entry-level talent find their place in the green economy. If you like to work outside, we match you to paid opportunities that can lead to full-time work doing climate and green jobs. We'll help you build a skills profile that puts you ahead of the game for training and work opportunities in your neighborhood. Start building your profile now.

What Other
Frontliners Say

Geography Student,
James Madison University

“My summer with Frontline connected me to projects that helped to reduce flooding in Norfolk and Newport News.
I inspected and rated a few hundred storm drains and worked on analyzing rainfall data with Python.”

Crew Lead,
Frontline Gig

“ I saw an ad on Craig's List and came out to work on a paid park clean up gig. After signing up on the app, I also found paid training to learn about invasive weeds and their management. I got a pay bump shortly after that and now lead field crews. As I lead crews, Frontline Gig is also helping me get ready for community college.”

High School Student,
James Madison University

“I spent my Maymester with Frontline Gig. I'm inspired. After college, I hope to give back by finding solutions to current-day challenges that are technically sound, environmentally friendly and morally right.”

Freelancer and Volunteer,

“I'm retired and love working outdoors. Frontline's park gigs provide a nice way for me to make some extra money and meet new people. I provide food for the homeless when I'm not working on gigs.”

Frontline helps workforce programs deliver more.

Broaden Reach

Frontline has a growing list of active talent in each city that are highly motivated and perfect candidates for multi-month workforce programs. Training programs use our vetted profile list to increase the quality of candidates selected to engage in months-long workforce programs.

Find Talent

Deepen Engagement

City hubs with Frontline offices offer hands-on hourly work opportunities like inspecting park infrastructure or storm drains or supporting a restoration project with activities like planting micro gardens. Learn more.

Support Talent

Connect Talent to Jobs Faster

Training programs use Frontline's growing network of climate employers to connect talent to full time work, faster. Our green jobs readiness assessment tool is used to baseline and track talent progression given any recent training. Frontline helps talent continue dreaming, setting goals and taking the next steps once formal programming ends. Learn more.

Support Talent