We plug in the untapped.

Frontline Gig is on a mission to connect 10M blue collar workers to the green economy. To do this, our talent intelligence platform addresses labor shortages by orchestrating innovative, hands-on apprenticeships in energy and environmental management.

We Activate Talent & Communities

The world needs to rapidly reduce carbon dioxide emissions everywhere to mitigate climate change. This means a ton of new infrastructure for clean energy and the removal of atmospheric carbon is being rapidly deployed. While this is good news for the environment, the labor needed to maintain this new infrastructure and forge new relationships and trust in communities can make the process seem daunting.

Frontline uses innovative workforce partnerships to build trust and scale impact. By providing more accessible on-ramps for local, untapped talent, more stakeholders are engaged and included in the conversation. It's a win for new energy and a win for new talent.  We believe the future of learning for new green jobs talent lies in practical, real-world experiences, and we're here to make that vision a reality.

Our Story

It started with a micro-garden. Thousands of them dot our city landscapes and they need hands-on maintenance. Green spaces like this are a part of the “new energy” infrastructure that is driving the need for new climate talent.

Big picture, climate is a $3Trillion dollar opportunity intended to make our communities healthier and residents more financially resilient. But those benefits are at risk because i) not enough people understand where they fit in the climate conversation and ii) the status quo around work and training keeps new players locked out.

Money and technology alone always fail to move the needle. Moonshots like tackling climate change require "motivated masses" to be activated and engaged. In the absence of grass roots involvement at scale - delays, denials and disengagement results.  Frontline Gig was launched to make it easier to use workforce development as a direct tool for community engagement. Paid, short-term training and work opportunities deepen career awareness and curiosity about creating a new reality. We believe this level of intentional investment is critical to activate the "motivated masses" needed to make our greatest ambitions a reality.