Up for a new mission?

Join the Vets in Climate Cohort and get connected to a climate career. Gain valuable skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to a sustainable future. Don't Miss Out! Apply Before May 30th.

Unlock Your Potential With Vets in Climate

Join the 2024 Vets in Climate Program sponsored by Veteran's HomeFront and powered by Frontline Gig. Build intuition for what matters in the climate space, get hands-on experience and get connected to employers. No specific background is needed.


Hands-on, real-world experience with projects. Professional development opportunities. Lasting connections. A small stipend will be paid upon completion of the six-week, part time program.


Work in diverse ecosystems. Collaborate with experts. Make a difference in your community.

Become more confident about your career

Move From Uncertainty...

No one has it all figured out. We're all just faking it till we make it. Take six weeks to engage and try something new. Meet Antione Hines and learn about his journey after leaving the military.

To Vets in Climate

With Vets in Climate, you get to showcase direct involvement in climate related work and apply knowledge in a practical context.

To a Green Career

After Vets in Climate, you will leave with a much bigger network and more direction about the green jobs you might want to pursue. You will change the world through your passion, new technical skills and tenacity.

Lead work that transforms communities

Through hands-on work and community engagement, you will be connected to a meaningful project that has a positive impact on our environment and inspires others to take action.

Join our network of 1,000+ Frontliners who are on the same journey.

The Vets in Climate Program is backed by a dedicated team of individuals working to increase the opportunities for veterans to build a career after their service in the military.  Antione Hines, veteran founder of Veterans HomeFront is the Executive Sponsor of this cohort. He partnered with Frontline Gig to extend the network and opportunities that he could make available to vets.  Learn more about Antione's journey after his service.

Employment Partners

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The Experience You'll Get

Part-Time Cohort

The Vets in Climate Cohort is hybrid and part-time. Over six weeks, participants will build both physical and virtual networks. Mental health and related resources will be made available via the cohort.

Guest Mentors

Virtual meetings will be anchored by guest mentors who will share their unconventional career paths into the climate space.

Employer Connections

Participants will be introduced to hiring managers in the Hampton Roads region with energy and environmental mangement-related roles.