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Frontline connects individuals who like to work outside to training programs and full-time work doing climate and green jobs. We'll help you build a skills profile that puts you ahead of the game for training and work opportunities in your neighborhood. Start building your profile now.

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What Other Frontliners Say

“My summer with Frontline connected me to projects that helped to reduce flooding in Norfolk and Newport News. I inspected and rated a few hundred storm drains and worked on analyzing rainfall data with Python.”
niNA J
Geography Student, James Madison University
“I spent my Maymester with Frontline Gig. I'm inspired. After college, I hope to give back by finding solutions to current-day challenges that are technically sound, environmentally friendly and morally right.”
High School Student, Norfolk Academy
“After two hours of learning about invasive weeds and their management, we are earning an extra $2 per hour to support restoration projects.”
Steve R
Invasives Cohort, DC

New to green jobs? Here's the tea...

Why green jobs are the are the future and offer tremendous potential to increase your earnings.


Labor Shortages

As cities face full-time labor shortages, they are falling behind on a range of energy and environmental management tasks. The new demands from climate change only increase the backlog of work that needs to get done. Paid, guided hourly work, can help cities catch up and reduce the impact of new climate-driven burdens and costs for residents.

Increasing Vulnerability

With climate change, a range of risks are increasing across neighborhoods - floods, storms and economic vulnerability. The risks that are not adequately mitigated by cities become the burden of residents. Residential resilience demands new commitments and action to protect homes and personal property – our residents’ most valuable assets. Cities are compelled to act.

Increasing demand for green

Residents are asking for more green space, more energy efficient buildings and cheaper transportation to improve how they live. They want the boost in property values that comes from having more green space. They want to be included in the green economy and supported in their efforts to build new businesses that allow them to work on decarbonizing buildings or maintaining municipal green infrastructure. Your work opportunities across a range of green jobs are significant and ongoing because cities continue to look for new ways to balance competing priorities.

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Close out complaints for trash, weeds, messy vacant lots.

Ask us to track the work so you can get reports.


Describe the opportunity - time commitments and stipends.

Blast opportunity to vetted pipeline

Review vetted match profiles to find the best candidates.


Specify inspection area and requirements.

Blast opportunity to vetted pipeline.

Review vetted match profiles to find the best candidates.

Frontline helps workforce programs deliver more.


Frontline shares the profiles developed via paid hourly work with training programs that are searching for highly motivated talent. Access to vetted profiles increases the number of individuals ready to engage in full-time, months-long programs.

Find Talent

In program

Do participants need extra cash during your training program? If Frontline is deployed in your city, participants are prioritized for paid hourly work opportunities like inspecting park infrastructure or storm drains or supporting a restoration project.

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Post program

The beauty of training programs is that participants get to build new skills and dream about next steps, in public, with guided support. But all good things must come to an end. Frontline helps participants continue dreaming, setting goals and taking the next steps once formal programming ends.

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