Green Gigs Launch in DC

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May 22, 2022

Green gigs piloted in DC – with Frontline Gig as technology provider

Frontline is proud to announce that we are the technology provider for a new DOEE-funded project in the District of Columbia, piloting green jobs performed as gigs. We are using the Frontline Gig mobile app to connect workers to litter pick up and weeding gigs - lasting 2 to 4 hours at a time, ensuring Oxon Run Park in Ward 8 maintains its clean, green aesthetic while creating job opportunities for local residents.

Frontline Gig is demonstrating new ways to put more people to work to restore natural areas. During the pandemic, natural areas and parks saw a surge in use that strained the already over-worked full-time staff in Parks and Public Works departments. More foot-traffic means more trash and heavier workloads for clean ups. Climate change also drives up the demand for natural areas. Our work is crucial to help mitigate flooding by soaking up water before it runs off to roads and gutters. Unlike paved areas, natural areas require manual labor for maintenance. As these needs increase, the traditional blue-collar workforce is shrinking leading to delayed maintenance for natural areas.

Frontline partnered with TCG Property Care - local landscape maintenance company - and Design Green - a DC-based green infrastructure engineering and science firm. The pilot runs from May to September 2022 and will prioritize residents of Ward 7 and 8 for weekly 2-4 hour clean up and weeding gigs that pay upwards of $16 per hour. Gig workers will also have the opportunity to get training from landscape maintenance professionals on safety, science, and removal strategies for invasive weeds. During the pilot, the team will engage the community with three education events and two nature discovery trail walks.

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